Yup - that's me.

My friends call me Rebel and I am a woman.  Being a woman doesn’t hold me back in the slightest.  I know how to work a room.  My story is full of plot twists, mysterious circumstances, survival, death, romance, and even a happy ending.  I found out early in life that I am an empath and reaching into someone’s soul, understanding them, and helping them see their worth is my superpower.  This is why I’m here.  This is why I do this.

I want to free women from the unnecessary pain that their body image gives them and I want to watch them blossom and let their stories be known.  I put my heart, mind, body and soul fully into what I do. I want to empower each woman that walks through my door.

I am a wife, a mother, an artist, a cook, a reader, a hopeless romantic, and a body liberator.  I love coffee.  I love wine.  I love nature and animals.  I am an introvert who opens up to the right person.  I surround myself with empowered, courageous people who can walk through fire with me.  I don’t tolerate shaming or hate of any kind.  You can either contribute to my good vibes or you can peace the fuck out.

I’m damn proud to be an award-winning, accredited photographer and a member of The Portrait Masters, Do More Photographers and the Association of International Boudoir Photographers, AIBP.

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