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Rebel Robinson is located in beautiful downtown Sarasota, FL.  The studio is intimate, built with immense love and ever changing and growing.  With floor to ceiling windows, concrete floors, and tons of sets ranging from glam to moody to give you a huge variety of images to choose from.



"Putting this down as one of the most AHMAZING experiences I have EVER had"


Hey babes!  My friends call me Rebel.  My story is full of plot twists, mysterious circumstances, survival, death, romance, and even a happy ending.  I found out early in life that I am an empath and reaching into someone’s soul, understanding them, and helping them see their worth is my superpower.  This is why I’m here.  This is why I do this.

I want to free women from the unnecessary pain that their body image gives them and I want to watch them blossom and let their stories be known.  I put my heart, mind, body and soul fully into what I do. I want to empower each woman that walks through my door.

I am a wife, a mother, an artist, a chef, a reader, a hopeless romantic, and a body liberator.  I love coffee.  I love the moon and all things woo woo.  I love nature and animals.  I am an introvert who opens up to the right person.  I surround myself with empowered, courageous people who can walk through fire with me.  I don’t tolerate shaming or hate of any kind.  You can either contribute to my good vibes or you can peace the fuck out.  ✌🏼

xoxo Rebel

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