Love Letters

Love letters are the stories about the RebelRobins experience.

“There are no words to truly express the time I have spent with Melissa. Now after two boudoir sessions, I could not even imagine choosing another photographer. From start to finish she guided me through the process of themes, feelings, make up and clothes. I was so comfortable that in my second session, I did not bring a thing with me. Greeted at the door with a glass of prosecco and led to a studio for hair and make up. I felt like I was floating on a cloud. The photo sessions are just mind blowing. I never thought I could ever be that relaxed in front of a camera. I am so impressed with what she has captured. I have images that portray what others see in me, but I myself could not understand before. I now have a vision in my mind, power, soul, and nature. I put my trust in Melissa and she did more than just deliver awesome images, but they were high quality with many options of display and materials. Oh!! and let's not forget the picture app that the husband loves!!!”

- Wendy D.
Love letters are the stories about the RebelRobins experience.

“The reason I choose Melissa and work with her over and over is the way she sees me. Somehow her lens finds every single thing about me that I find flawed and turns it into a thing of beauty. Every session with her is more empowering than the last and continues to help transform how I see myself. I recommend her to everyone I know, you will not be disappointed!”

- Brittany B.
Love letters are the stories about the RebelRobins experience.

“Where do I start with my experience with Melissa?  When I try to encapsulate the experience a sentence or two for people curious, I like to say it feels like your wedding day without the commitment and price tag.  That day I felt so incredibly sexy and desired. I felt like a queen. Melissa brought out a side of me that I didn’t know existed. I felt whole as a woman, a sexual being, a goddess. Then you get to feel that way all over again in the reveal.  The quality of the photos, Melissa’s attention to’s not just a photo shoot, it’s an entire experience of sexual ambrosia for all your senses. I think every woman should feel the way I did that day. It’s magnificent."

- Erin G.
Love letters are the stories about the RebelRobins experience.

“The day I got asked to come in for a model call from the Amazing Rebel changed my life.... I’ve literally DROOLED over her work for many years .... my best friends have made their debut on her pages of sultry goddess status ..... but Me?? No way could I pull that off .... but holy FREAK .....Rebel sees something in ‘ME’!!!!

NERVOUS as hell but I showed up and got greeted with the most endearing embrace.  And what a beautiful setting, so comfortable and inviting ... my fears of letting go and any inhibitions dropped at the door step.  Then was placed in what I called the ‘goddess’ treatment .... HMUA by the awesome Jessica.

I felt like a painted creation.... the way they worked together.... Rebel had studied every inch of me, every curve, my eye color, my hair placement she just spoke and Jessica became the paint brush and wand!  It was AMAZING!! Rebel posed me, she did everything!! I felt so beautiful! she gave me feedback and would share pictures of what she had captured..I couldn't believe my eyes !!! It was so Empowering!!! I can honestly say I have NEVER seen myself or thought I could see myself the way Rebel saw me and captured me under her lens. Words will never justify the experience for me.”

- Sheila M.
Love letters are the stories about the RebelRobins experience.

“From the moment you speak to Melissa you can see her love and passion for her art. It’s always nerve racking going into a situation where you will be at your most vulnerable, but Melissa makes you feel beautiful, comfortable and powerful. You do not have to be a “model” to get amazing photos. Melissa gives great direction with posing and provides a wide selection of wardrobe as well as hair and makeup. You truly feel special during the whole experience. The gorgeous photos will be something you cherish for a lifetime.”

- Shannon I.

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