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What's holding you back?

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

the #1 reason

Every woman deserves to have beautiful portraits done of themselves, and at least one that shows their sexual side as well. We all see ourselves differently and our views on what we consider sexy is different too. There is no right or wrong view here - what is important is that you believe you deserve it.

I had a conversation with my babes in Rebel's private Facebook group once (join here if you aren't in there already), and asked a question - what's holding you back? There were a few different responses, time, money, etc. However, the overwhelming response was body image. This didn't surprise me, as most conversations I have with women on the subject of boudoir tend to move in this direction. But what is always interesting to me is why women feel this way - "I'm not sexy".

Ummm, what? Yes, babe, you absolutely are! First of all, stop comparing yourself to what you see as the "standard" blasted all over your social media. That is not real life! You and I both know this, but I get it - we still get sucked into that vortex. If this is what's holding you back, then I've got news for you. When you are with the right photographer, they will pose you, direct you, and make you feel comfortable. The right photographer will know exactly how to light your body, which angles work best, and dress you in the clothing that suits your figure to perfection. That's MY job to know - not yours.

Listen - we all have something that makes us uniquely beautiful, and yes, sexy too. Not a single client of mine is a "model". They are all regular women, just like you, who thought the same exact thing before their shoot too. All of my clients were nervous before their shoots. It's completely normal. But the fire they felt when they left their shoot is what they remember. And their images will be loved forever.

You are absolutely WORTH IT.

You are beautiful NOW.

You can totally DO THIS.

I've got you girl.

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