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Do my images have to be shared online?

Nope! Will I encourage you to be proud of your story and share it with others? Yes, I will certainly ask you. Do I understand that certain careers and beliefs limit people from doing so on social media? Of course. I completely respect your privacy.


What is the typical investment?

The initial fee is $295. This includes the designing of the experience, the shoot with yours truly, professional hair and makeup, use of my studio wardrobe, treats and champagne, my retouching, as well as your reveal session. All images and products are purchased separately. Collections start at $1700. Clients typically invest between $2500 - $4000.


I need my portraits by a certain date. How far in advance do I need to come for my shoot?

I would say at least 6 weeks. After your shoot, I take about 2-3 weeks for editing. Then once your order is in, depending upon the products, you’ll need a few weeks. Some of my products come all the way from Italy (yeah girl, we fancy) and have a 3 week turn-around.


Where are you located and will you travel?

My studio is located in Sarasota, FL. However, I often shoot on location outdoors or in client’s homes. If I am coming to your home, I must scout the light first. No exceptions. I travel up to an hour away.


I’m feeling nervous, can I bring a friend?

Do not show up with a random person please. I don’t typically allow other people into the shoot unless we discuss it ahead of time and I feel like you definitely need someone there. On some occasions I allow for friends if I know them already and know they won’t be disruptive. Couple shoots are a different animal and I have a separate set of rules for them.


How do I choose what to wear?

I honestly can’t answer that until we design your shoot. However - for those of you that just have to know ahead of time, here’s a quick breakdown depending upon genre. Boudoir - obviously lingerie, comfy sweater or cardigan, matching bra/panty sets, cute crop tops and boy shorts, fishnets are LIFE, men’s shirts, I’m not a big prop girl - but I can be talked into anything, sexy heels, body jewelry or NOTHING but a powerful mouth tilt. Contemporary - something casual (jeans and blouse look), something professional (a nice suit or work appropriate dress), something short and sexy (cocktail dress), and something dramatic and luxurious (a glittery ballgown) Art Therapy/Conceptual - this varies depending upon the vision, I will typically design a unique look for each story - but I do love a flowy dress of any kind, and you get extra points if it’s vintage.


How long will my session be?

Your session will start with hair and makeup, which will take an hour or more. Then we’ll move right into shooting and can last a few hours. Total time is around 5 hours. I would definitely take at least half a day off work, if not the whole day. You don’t need to work anyway. It’s way overrated.


How do I start this process?

Babe, just pick up the phone. I’m ready whenever you are. We’ll have a good chat and I’ll ask a whole bunch of personal questions. Will you have the answers yet? Probably not, so don’t stress about that. I need you to start thinking though….open up your mind and start nailing down what you are looking to achieve. I will give you a few great resources - like a creative writing challenge, and starting a vision board. Once we design your experience, you’ll feel ready for this challenge.


Do you offer payment plans?

I offer both pre-session and post-session payment plans. You can prepay for a whole collection and receive a discount. Or you can just pay towards a future session in payments and build an “account” if you will. If you require a post-session payment plan, I require 25% down at the reveal session and then we plan the remaining payments based on however you wish, as long as it’s within one year. I’m totally flexible and interest-free. Everyone deserves this experience, even the babe on a budget.


When do I get to see my images?

After your session, I am working diligently on creating for you. My editing takes about 2-3 weeks. Then, you’ll come back into the studio for your reveal and check out your awesomeness. You get to choose your images and products then.


Will you Photoshop me to look perfect?

Not to sound like a dick, but no one is perfect. I individually hand-edit every image I produce. I touch up your skin, tuck in clothing, sometimes I have to change an arm or hand because it was my fault and I missed the pose. I try my best to get everything right in camera, but sometimes I get lazy and then have to fix the background. It happens. Will I turn you into a different person? Nope. Don’t even try and ask. We’re all about acceptance here, so jump in babe and ride this train.


I can’t pose, do you help with that?

Of course. I’m awkward and ridiculous and do everything I can to make you comfortable in my space. I will pose everything for you, from the tips of your toes to your hair. By the middle of the shoot, you’ll be strutting around with a different sparkle in your eye. If this doesn’t happen, I haven’t done my job.


Do I have to get naked?

Ummmm, no. This is your shoot, not mine. Will I provide a comfortable and inviting space so you can do whatever the hell feels good to you? Yes. This I will do. If you want to get naked and push your limits, I’m all about it. If not, whatever.


Do I have to bring my own clothing?

I would definitely bring pieces you love and that empower you. This is your shoot. You decide how you want to look. Am I addicted to clothes and lingerie and happen to have an entire wardrobe full of stuff too? No comment (but yessssss). It’s kind of like this….if you forgot your bag at home, you’d still be fine.


Do you provide the hair and makeup?

All sessions include hair and makeup. Not only does this give you an opportunity to calm the hell down because I know you’re nervous, but it ensures you feel your best. You can choose the look you want - whether you want to go natural and fresh or full out rock glam, you are totally in control.


How do I prepare for my shoot?

Get plenty of sleep and drink all the water and come in ready to slay. Do NOT crash diet, or undergo some kind of dramatic makeover (ex. new hair cut or color), or get a fake or spray tan within a week of your session. And be careful about getting waxed or having a harsh facial - anything that could lead to skin irritation. None of these things will help you look or feel better on the day of your shoot anyway. Once you are ready to take the plunge and do the session, none of the other shit matters.

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